On the bench: Blue Zephyr

Our newest collection, Blue Zephyr, is inspired by eternal summers along the Mediterranean coastline. ‘Zephyr’ translates to ‘a soft gentle breeze’ and is derived from the word ‘Zephyrus’, the Greek God of the west wind. Together, 'blue' and 'zephyr' evokes imagery of crystal blue water, speckles of golden light, and dreamy afternoons. 

Paying homage to the golden hues of stunning Hellenic sunrises and sunsets, the collection is mainly comprised of solid gold pieces. Adorned with blue sapphires throughout and glimpses of freshwater pearls, this collection focuses on organic shapes and lines, textural finishes and our XRONOS style of weaving in Hellenic symbolism and inspiration. 

The design process took flight from the name ‘Blue Zephyr.’ Those two words inspired each piece from start to finish. From each rough initial sketch came silver mock-ups, to see if what was drawn on paper translated into a piece that was wearable, beautiful and practical. After creating each piece, we packed them up and took them 16,000 kilometres away on holiday with us to Italy - quite the coincidence but the perfect place to capture jewellery inspired by the Mediterranean. Our stay in the Amalfi allowed so many of our visions and inspirations to come to life - to see our handmade pieces glimmering in the sunshine and soft gentle breeze, against a backdrop of the aqua blue Tyrrhenian Sea.