XRONOS Fine Jewellery is the work of professional jeweller Geordan Polichronis. With an unwavering passion for creating high-quality everyday pieces and unique engagement rings and wedding rings, Geordan treats every order as if it was his piece to treasure in the years to come.

Meet the Jeweller:

Australian-born, hailing from the Greek islands of Rhodes and Cyprus, where a deep appreciation of classical Hellenic art, design, and architecture set Geordan on a path to discover and learn the ancient artform of Jewellery. Under the mentorship of Master Jewellers, Geordan has studied the craft including designing, forging, assembling, gem setting and carving. 

In 2022, Geordan and his wife Ellen created XRONOS, paying homage to his Hellenic heritage and fuelling his desire to create unique pieces that returned the ancient artform of Jewellery back to its classical roots. 

Each piece is born from an idea, sketched in a humble notebook and handcrafted with calloused hands and a great love for quality pieces that will last a lifetime. 


At XRONOS, we take a more customised approach to designing engagement rings. After all, it is the most romantic symbol of love.

Whether you're after something truly customised and unique, or perhaps you want a classic design, we will work with your budget and inspiration to create a stunning engagement ring.

Find out more about our design process here.

This is a big misconception, as choosing the bespoke engagement ring route does not come with an extra price tag. Our design consults are free and we work with your budget to create a stunning engagement ring.

Each piece will vary depending on its design complexity and selection of materials used.

For stock pieces (excluding engagement rings, wedding rings and other custom jewellery), you can expect your order to be dispatched from our workshop within 7-21 days at the latest. If an order is required ASAP, contact us at we will see what we can do.

Engagement rings and bespoke weddings generally have their own lead time depending on the design. We discuss this with you. Generally, once the design is finalised, it takes around 2-4 weeks to make.

At XRONOS, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pieces, which is why each order is meticulously created to last a lifetime.

Each XRONOS piece is made in sunny Brisbane, in our workshop. We are a husband and wife duo with a big passion for beautiful jewellery.

Geordan is the hands behind XRONOS. He is a qualified jeweller who has been lucky to work alongside and learn from master jewellers. When you choose XRONOS, you are choosing a brand that believes in the beauty of hand-making, using skills passed down through generations.

Solid gold is real gold, and the most valuable form of jewellery you can buy. The purest form of gold is 24ct (carat), which is 100% gold, however it is incredibly soft and usually mixed with other alloys to strengthen it. At XRONOS, we mainly work with 9ct gold for our everyday pieces for two reasons: price and durability.

Solid gold is made to last a lifetime, and if cared for properly, will stay beautiful and not tarnish. Solid gold is the perfect choice for pieces that are sentimental and you want to have in your jewellery box for years to come.

On the other hand, gold vermeil is composed of thin layer of gold being electrically-charged onto sterling silver. While the base is a completely different mental, it has the look and finish of solid gold at a more accessible price point. However, over time, this thin layer can wear and fade, exposing the metal underneath.

This leads to jewellery that inevitably ends up in the rubbish bin and an endless cycle of repurchasing jewellery that will have a short lifecycle and contribute to waste. While it is a personal preference, we believe in investing in solid gold pieces that are durable and will last a lifetime (if taken care of properly).

Cleaning your jewellery is quick and easy, and all you need is a soft tooth brush (like a baby tooth brush), and warm soapy water.

To keep your jewellery looking beautiful, gently (and we emphasise 'gently'!) clean your pieces with soapy solution by rubbing a soft tooth brush over it. This removes dirt, dust, skin cells and all the other lovely particles that accumulate from general wear. For solid gold and sterling silver pieces, you can also polish your pieces with a polishing cloth.

To keep your jewellery well maintained, avoid using perfumes and other bodily lotions and sprays while wearing your pieces.

We want you to show off your XRONOS pieces to the world, however there are a few places where your jewellery should stay in its box instead. We advise against wearing your jewellery when:

- Swimming, both in the pool and the ocean.

- Exercising (it hurts our soul when we see people scratching their rings against dumbbells).

- When applying perfume or lotions. The chemicals negatively affect the metal and can lead to tarnishing. We suggest applying your cosmetics and perfume before putting on your jewellery.

- When sleeping, as it can lead to damage to chains.

Always store your jewellery in a dry, safe place, and avoid storing if wet.

Yes, we love doing custom work and bespoke pieces. Whether you have a special occasion coming up, an engagement on your mind, or a particular design you'd love to come to life, we want to help you. From initial design sketches to CAD renders and prototypes, we can help bring your vision to life from start to finish!

Contact us to get started.

We want you to love your piece, however as each piece is made to order, by hand, we do not offer returns for change of mind.

If a piece is faulty when you receive it, you can return within 14 days for a free repair. Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.