An engagement ring is one of the greatest gestures of love

That's why at XRONOS, we take a tailored approach to designing your engagement ring.

It's one of the most treasured and sentimental pieces of fine jewellery that you'll ever own and it all starts with the craftsman you choose.

Bezel-set engagement ring with a diamond wedding ring

Frequently asked questions

No! As soon as we have an initial design meeting, you can expect to receive initial quotes, selection of stone options and an initial design with 2-4 days. We love designing engagement rings and pride ourselves on timely and transparent communication.

We let you digest over your options and ask as many questions as you'd like so that we can refine the design until it's your dream ring.

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, and prices vary depending on metal and stone choice (i.e. lab-grown diamond, natural diamond, gemstone).

Let us know your budget, and we can provide options for you.

We're a small business with big dreams. But for the moment, we don't have retail space and operate out of our own workshop. Our virtual consults mean you can schedule around your busy day, and dial-in from the comfort of your own home. Or, if you're trying to keep the planning on the down low, it makes it easier to keep things a little bit more of a secret.

We've worked with clients across Australia to design stunning engagement rings.

We provide you with a link to view each stone at 15x magnification - so you can see every detail of a diamond that the naked eye can't.

It's more efficient and detailed than seeing a stone in-person, and the best part - you can view as many stones as you'd like.

We also provide the IGI or GIA certification of each diamond, both natural and lab-grown.

We work with lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds, and gemstones of all variety.

We only work with gemstones that are 8 or above on the Moh's Scale of Hardness for engagement rings.

Let's start

Book an obligation-free virtual design consult to start designing your dream ring, or contact us for further information.

Why XRONOS Fine Jewellery

XRONOS Fine Jewellery is founded by a jeweller.

In an industry over-saturated by brands founded by business people with high margins, we remain authentic to an artform that requires expertise, skill and passion.

We source only the highest-quality stones from certified, Australian-based suppliers who uphold the high standards we expect in our modern age.

XRONOS Fine Jewellery is bringing a traditional artform into the modern age, providing unparalleled high-quality pieces that can be treasured in the years to come.