Design with XRONOS

XRONOS specialises in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind engagement rings, wedding rings and fine jewellery.

We tailor each design to the individual - ensuring each piece we craft is unique to you.

Step one

Design consult

The process begins with a private design consult where we discuss your budget, inspiration and vision. Here, we get into the finer details so that we can understand your requirements, while also providing guidance and knowledge of jewellery best practice.

In-studio consultations coming soon. In the interim, please book a virtual consult.

Step two

Initial design

Using the inspiration and details gathered during our discussions, we will provide an initial design and a quote for the piece.

We provide interactive 3D CAD renders, allowing you to visualise your piece.

We refine the design until it captures your vision and you are happy to proceed to crafting.

Step three

Gem selection

Gem sourcing starts simultaneously with the initial design. This is so that we can provide accurate quotes for a range of options for you to compare against your budget and inspiration.

We work with our certified Australian-based suppliers to source stunning natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and gemstones of all variety.

Certification, such as IGI or GIA are provided for diamonds.

Step four

Initial deposit

With your gemstone/s selected, we required an initial deposit to secure your stone/s and materials.

From here, we finalise every design detail for approval. Once agreed, Geordan gets to work on the bench, bringing your design to life.

Step five

Your piece is made

The most exciting step - your piece is crafted by Geordan. We will discuss lead time with every client individually, as it varies depending on the piece. However, once a design is finalised, the making process only takes 2-4 weeks.

Once complete, we issue the remaining invoice and arrange for pick-up, delivery or postage. Our pieces are sent Australia-wide with insured shipping, so you can rest assured your piece will be sent safely to your address. 

Let's start

Book an obligation-free virtual design consult to start designing your dream ring, or contact us for further information.

In-studio consultations coming soon.

Why XRONOS Fine Jewellery

XRONOS Fine Jewellery is founded by a jeweller.

In an industry over-saturated by brands founded by business people with high margins, we remain authentic to an artform that requires expertise, skill and passion.

We source only the highest-quality stones from certified, Australian-based suppliers who uphold the high standards we expect in our modern age.

XRONOS Fine Jewellery is bringing a traditional artform into the modern age, providing unparalleled high-quality pieces that can be treasured in the years to come.