Get to know XRONOS jeweller, Geordan Polichronis

Why did you pursue jewellery/goldsmithing as a profession?

I did a lot of woodwork at school and had a fascination with blacksmithing and metalsmithing. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with my hands. I realised being a jeweller combined all of those passions and was quite a unique, interesting profession to pursue. I dabbled in it, and from there fell into it and haven’t looked back since.

How does your Greek/Cypriot heritage inspire your work?

Jewellery has such a strong tie to ancient Greek history, and Hellenic jewellery was always incredibly detailed and symbolic – telling stories through motifs, often of religious and mythological meaning. Jewellery is an artform steeped in tradition and rich history, so being a jeweller in the 21st century requires finding a balance between that tradition and modernity. A lot of my designs pay homage to Greek folklore and symbolism, such as the Apollo and Labyrinth pendants, and Serpent and Hounds of Hades rings, where the representation of Greek culture is apparent. But sometimes what inspires me is weaved into my work more subtly, in pieces that represent a place, feeling or period of time.

The beauty of jewellery is that it allows the wearer to give their own unique meaning to the piece. Whether they are wearing it for protection, for love, for luck, or just because it’s pretty.  

Why did you start XRONOS Fine Jewellery?

I started XRONOS to give an outlet to my work – to share with people my creations. XRONOS [kro-nos] means ‘time’ in Greek, and my aim is to always create jewellery that is timeless and will journey through life with its wearer. XRONOS is also a play on words, as my last name Polichronis (chronis) also means time – so I feel an even greater personal connection to my work.

What is your favourite XRONOS piece you’ve made so far?

It’s hard to name just one. But, by far my favourite piece has been a custom cocktail ring featuring a 6.5 carat pink morganite with a diamond halo and butterfly-detailed basket.

My favourite non-custom piece would have to be the Karas ring, which is such a unique everyday ring that my girlfriend will not take off. It’s named after my Bapou’s family name – Karageorgiou. My favourite necklace would probably be the Apollo pendant, representing the Greek God Apollo, protector of evil.

What do you hope people feel when they wear your jewellery?

Each piece is made to order, by-hand. A lot of thought and love goes into each piece to make them unique and of high-quality. I hope people feel confident when they wear XRONOS – and that these amulets do offer a sense of protection, love, luck, and of course, look pretty.